Only make me stronger and more determined!


There will always be people who tell you no.

The reason is often never clear as to why but that shouldn’t stop you.

Life can be awesome or it can suck.

The choice is yours!

I just spent an amazing week at cycling camp.

I learned quite a lot as well as a lot of work on skill techniques.

However I continue to annoy people with the T1/T2 decisiondecisions. I am classified wrong and every person who I have talked to agrees with me.  Not pointing any names because I don’t know for sure who but I’m thinking medical papers were never submitted.

So I will just get a doctor for a current diagnosis.

Then that leads to the next part. Most countries would prefer to take a T2 over a T1. However if I am currently training as a T2, I’d make a competitive T1! Yes I can track stand but it takes a lot out of me just to pedal.

Ok enough of that!

Take negativity and use it to make you stronger! You will be glad that you did!

4 thoughts on “Only make me stronger and more determined!

  1. Is the car you met with the accident?

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    1. I wish… That was my car, it met a school bus… 😦

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