Wonder woman!

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People often Marvel at the things that I have accomplished.

Most don’t fully understand what I go through  on a daily basis. Often it seems that I have to go above and beyond just to be equal to others.

Yes I have a brain injury but that shouldn’t matter? What about the other millions of people that have an injury?

What I have accomplished has taken loads of dedication and perseverance.

Yes plenty of cuts and bruises both mentally and physically.

I inherited my fathers temper and I’ll admit that not everything gets by me nicely.

Over the next week or so I am traveling to California for a cycling camp. The day after I get back I am starting work at 8 am.

Expect a lot of reblogs from me, I have to keep my daily streak going.

I am making the impossible possible!

Are you being a wonder woman or superman?

6 thoughts on “Wonder woman!

  1. Everyday I wake up I’m choosing to step out and conquer the incredible and the impossible

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