Epic fail!

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How many times do you try something before you finally give up?

if that is even your thought process, than why try in the first place?

I was having a great day, went to a fashion show with my grandma for the Brain Injury Association of Illinois. I just got home and realized that it was 53 degrees out!

I was so ready to get out and ride after a very long winter!

I checked the bolts and the tires,

and then I proceeded to tighten the seat up. Only to find the wrench I used to hold the bolt was MIA. LOL! I found another wrench and was able to get it to a point where it didn’t slide up or down. It moved sideways slightly but I could handle it.

I was ready to go!

So I got on and headed down the road. When I tried to shift it, it didn’t shift.

I looked back and saw my chain on the ground. That would explain it!

I have spare parts but they were back at my house and so I walked my trike back almost a mile.

Ok by now I should have given up

but silly me went to reattach the chain while still wearing my cleats.

With one wrong step I scraped the teeth on the chain wheel and hit the ground.

My hand was greasy but no blood so I cleaned up after reattaching the chain and headed out.

By now it dropped below 50 degrees and my vector sensor wasn’t connecting,

The pods are flashing red meaning low battery, now where did I put the spare batteries?

The moral of this story is to never give up. Now I am off to find something warm to drink!


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