My pants are too big!


Finally all my winter weight is coming off. I am on a mission to loose at least 5 pounds by June! This will be interesting and great!

Winter time is always hard on us and our bodies.

We tend to hibernate to avoid playing with the snow and ice.

Yes some areas have it worse than others but most of the time you are probably used to the weather.

Since we are constantly inside, we are tempted by pretty much everything that we enjoy.

That is why my laptop is in a room that is not that close to the kitchen. It takes effort to get there.

But even then I don’t keep a lot in the kitchen.

Except for the cake in the freezer πŸ™‚

What are you wanting to shake off as we enter spring?















3 thoughts on “My pants are too big!

  1. Here is to spring 😊🌸

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