Cycling Freedom

One of the benefits I get from cycling is the freedom of feeling free. Free of a cane. Free of the looks I often get. Free to just be me.

For many years I have gone to several competitions and I am last or very close to last. It’s kind of a miracle that I am doing what I do. And of course frustration sets in but I still come back. This doesn’t last long but it’s long enough to impact the event I am competing in.

I am unsure where this comes from definitely. But I do know that most if not all comes from the brain injury in some way. In fact, most of the things I do wrong or feel wrong about come from the brain injury. I must just learn to deal with it and I am fairly certain others have gotten annoyed with it.

But back to cycling.

The pictures I have are only a glimpse of what I have rode through. Some of them are quite unbelievable but I know I did it.





I often look back and them and are like wow! I honestly didn’t expect that nor did I expect to be able to complete that.

We can put our minds to anything and be able to accomplish it. It may take a lot of frustration and patience but it can be done!

Have you ever encountered something that seemed impossible but you overcame that fear and conquered it?

3 thoughts on “Cycling Freedom

  1. I echo your sentiments – liberation indeed – beautiful captures

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