Finite or Infinite life?

Is there such a thing as a finite or infinite life?

Yes things die and are replaced so that it is replaced.

But does that make it an infinite life?

If you think about it each of us does have an end but we also have an infinity.

we Age, have children, grow old, and die. Our children continue our family and they will go through the cycle.

As I moved the mouse on my desk around a container filled with staples, pens, markers, and batteries fell.

As I noticed the batteries, they were leaking. Thus ending their life to be able to provide power.


Newer batteries would need to be used to provide life to electronics.

We as a human population can not do without electronics. Plain and simple, we have moved from the stone age.

Is there a finite or infinite life as a possibility?

7 thoughts on “Finite or Infinite life?

  1. Oh the imponderable! I believe in Infinity. But it is too huge for us to imagine. Great post

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      1. I do. I love the thoughts


  2. Our thoughts will remain till Infinity – 😊

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