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There are a few hundred different options available.

Different colors.

Different Styles.

Different materials.

Different prices.

How the heck do you choose? Especially when you are a minimalist like me. I really don’t like stuff and maybe that is a good thing.

I still have walls that are blank and I moved here in 2015. I don’t have much stuff to spread throughout the rooms.

Why replace something when it is still good?

Well what happens if it breaks on you?

I am shopping for a new desk tonight. I am overwhelmed by the prices, colors, varieties, etc.

Do I really care? It just needs to fit here and be functional.

Why so many choices?

Do you ever get that dilemma with all the different options?

2 thoughts on “Options?

  1. Yes! I agree. I’m a minimalist, too.


    1. Don’t you hate having too many options?


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