I should have checked

Double check that it was done correctly,

Then go back and triple check.

Not performing or acting correctly?

Than why not go back and check?

This scenario can relate to a bunch of things in our lives.

Sure we can go a different sequence of steps but we may not arrive at the same answer.

Or performance may be worse

Or somehow it may even be better.

We don’t really know until we try to do something. We have invented a simpler way of doing something or it may just turn into a mess,

I rode my trainer today and I did a little better of a speed than I usually do. But I didn’t think much about it. I spend the winter months trying to increase my speed.

I went away from it but for some reason I felt the need to check my rear tire. Usually it is hard as a rock.

But tonight I was able to push it in. Normally I run it around 105 PSI but it was probably closer to 70 PSI tonight.

I should have checked them first.


But in the end I am wondering if by riding them at a lower PSI does it improve my cycling ability? I am different anyways.

Thoughts on this cyclists?

3 thoughts on “I should have checked

  1. I once invited my friend for a dirt bike ride. While I was much ahead he was struggling from the word go. After about few miles I stopped to find what was wrong only to find his tire pressure we’re horrendously low 😊

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