Random acts of kindness!

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How do these make you feel?

No I don’t mean when you do something because someone asks you to do something.

Rather it is done unexpectedly.

Maybe it is holding the door open or even paying for the next car’s order in the drive thru.

Or maybe it is taking the blame for something small so that others can take a breather.

Lives can definitely change!

Is it better to be the giver or the receiver? If you receive then should you give soon after? Absolutely! There is a way to growth here. Not just for individuals but for the overall community.

If we all succeed and grow individually, than our community will do the same.

I don’t write for the attention. Yes it is nice. But when I was in rehab, so many helped me out.

By spreading my knowledge to you all, my hope is that even more people will be helped through you.

It all begins with you.

The impossible means I’m possible after all!

4 thoughts on “Random acts of kindness!

  1. Random act of kindness always strike a chord deep down

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