The tough ones

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Some things are just tough in life.

Maybe it is that calculus test.

Maybe it is moving to a new city.

Maybe it is just simply finding yourself.

You may not always know the end result but that doesn’t mean to quit.

Do and try your best at something. You may never know how something will turn out.

You have may done better on that test than you thought.

You may have developed a stronger relationship.

You may have discovered some hidden talents and/or strengths.

I probably know tough times than most of you but I could be wrong. A severe car crash when I was 20 left me disabled. Being disabled has been a nuisance and a blessing to me. I get to park closer. I get preference in hiring (most of the time). But at the same time there are times when I just want to say screw it, why bother?

But what is the point in giving up through these tough times?

We learn to get through them for the next time that they are encountered.

As we push through these tough times, we need to learn all that we can and apply it to the next time. Make ourselves stronger!

Tough times never last but tough people do!

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