The Valley

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The valley is the lowest.

It can be the lowest point in your life.

it could be a rest period.

it could be the lowest in your level of seniority.

However you interpret it will pave your next action.

You can take classes to advance meaning new people will have to be hired thus increasing your seniority.

You take action to emerge from your rest period to get back at it.

Or you could take new risks to climb out of the valley to something new.

That something may be unknown now but each step gets your brain and the ideas within flowing.

Whichever it may be it will help you to paint a new future for yourself.

In the last few weeks I have taken new risks and overcome some fears. I am having a grand ole time with it and I hope soon I will climb completely out of the valley.

Are you stuck in a valley? And are you pulling yourself out of it?

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