It’s melting……

The snowman that is:

Image may contain: people sitting, snow, tree, shoes and outdoor

As kids we would delight in spending hours out doors to build the perfect snowman.

but in an instant, some force of nature wreaks havoc on your dreams and doings. All your hard work is gone in an instant.

and there is nothing that you can do about it, or can you?

We are faced with decisions each day in hopes to better ourselves but in an instant it feels like it is gone.

We can work to improve the situation or we can just accept it as is.

The choices is yours.

It may be the easy way just to accept it and move on but think of all the trouble it may cause you further down the path of life.

Again nothing is certain but are you willing to take the risk?

Or are you going to recover from it and find a new path?

Yes this new path of yours could disappear again just like what happens the first time.

Children rebuild the snowman as a way of playing. The weather tears it done and they go back to build a new one. They keep this process going until the season changes.

Don’t you think you should adopt this theory to make your path work for you?

Melt the snowman. Take a risk!

(disclaimer: no snowmans were hurt in this blog post)

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