Cards, Rock Climbing, Imagination Oh my!

rock climbing

(picture is me at a Military Sports Camp in 2010)


Nothing is impossible, the word itself means I’m possible.

Life is short and you are dealt a set of cards that you may not always agree with. You have two options:

Accept it

Or disagree with it

What are you choosing to do?

If you accept it then won’t that make you feel better about yourself?

I didn’t have much choice whether to accept it or not at the beginning of my car accident. After being thrown into the passenger side of my car, I was sent into a coma, my stomach was up in my chest, my spleen was pulverized, I got a severe TBI, and I had brain stem damage. My parents had very little choice of what to do for my survival.

When doctors told them no, my mom replied you don’t know my daughter.

I’ll admit those first few months were tough but I slowly got used it. I had to relearn everything and when doctors told me it was impossible, I did it anyways. I made it possible and that’s what counts.

Are you living life to the possible?

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