Dare to dream?

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We all have dreams in our minds. We want to be something. We want to do something. We do not want to do something.

Each of us has a purpose in this life and quite often we may not know what the heck that may be until it may be too late. Or maybe never at all.

It is up to each of us to follow our dreams and try to achieve them.

That may mean ignoring the negativity heard from others.

It may mean putting ourselves in uncomfortable situations.

It may mean taking charge of doing something without the backing of others.

It may mean failing up to the point that you just want to give up.

Sometimes we may chase dreams and really never expect what will happen.

But isn’t that a purpose in life? We aim ourselves to be the best version of ourselves.

Or at least we should be.

We fail but we ought to pick ourselves right back up.

We follow a new path in hopes that it get us closer to our dreams with the realization that we might fail.

I have many dreams that I am often told by others that they are unachievable and that I should just give up on trying. It’s often frustrating but I keep on trying.

Unaware of my situation the months following my accident, I dreamed of getting to deploy with my unit, the 333rd MP to Egypt. That didn’t happen but I tried my hardest to stay in.

I dreamed of living independently. I succeeded in that and even relearned how to drive and go back to school. I did all of that.

I dreamed of working and that happened for a while. But being disabled I was an easy target for being used for others mistakes. With the last one that only lasted 3 weeks, I was left to learn most of it on my own.

But I still have that dream to work. One day I hope that employers will recognize that they need me. Until then I continue to dream and work towards that dream?

Are you chasing your dreams?

10 thoughts on “Dare to dream?

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    Beautiful post.

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    1. Thanks! I appreciate it very much. Thank you for reading and reposting!


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  3. This is beautiful and I totally agree with it!

    Now I have two questions:
    1. What did you mean by the sentence:
    “Being disabled I was an easy target for being used for others mistakes.
    With the last one that only lasted 3 weeks”?

    and 2.
    When was the accident which disabled you (meaning, how long is it now that you are on your recovery)?
    I ask, because from what I experienced myself and seen in others, those processes take much longer than desired or anticipated.

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    1. 1. Job, the owner had a different personality. 2. 2/13/2007.


      1. Job: I know the irony of fate: When not having full energy then others seem not to allow for one to have an own opinion, because most associate ones value with success (as if the opinion of a billionaire or superstar is more worth than yours). But the fact is that marginalised people often see society much clearer, because they can observe it from the outside.

        And about your accident: Thanks for sharing the date.
        Two things come to mind:
        1. The dozen years it took to get out of it are a trauma, which to solve may take another dozen years. Most have no sense for the time length and think as soon as one did show a peak of strength that it all should be over by now. This is why I just started to write about my downfall and I was grateful that you did reblog my first article, because you literally were the only one to respond (most don’t like stories of misfortune, but I think they are also needed to find out that one is not alone on the path).

        2. The time of your accident: I never thought much of fortune-telling astrology – least of the gross progrnosis found in magazines, until my sister gave me a book in which was explained that astrology explains the “quality” of time instead of the “quantity” as our clocks do.
        In the book was written that qualities are for example Mars (like the god of war in Greece) for lots of energy,
        and Saturn for blockages or consequences (like the counter at the supermarket, where you have to pay for what you put into your basked – if it was rubbish you have to pay for that and if it was valuable, no problem).
        Then there might be a date, like yours, in which astrologically both aspects cross each other,
        this then can lead to the tremendous energy of cars (Mars) colliding with the energy of blockages (Saturn), meaning: A strong accident like yours.

        Now the thing is that if you had a twin sister who was born exactly at the same time and place like yours,
        the principles might be the exact same,
        but because she coincidentally was taking part in a martial arts tournament herself, her strong Mars energy of punching someone did get balanced out by her Saturn – blocking the punch or restricting it to correct bodyparts allowed in tournament. And that at the same time you had your accident, for the exact same reasons, she won the tournament.

        I write this, because I know that subconsciously one tends to blame oneself for misfortune,
        and understanding the principles behind the mystery of life can help to be less prone to fate.
        because it takes out all the unpleasant burden of a guilt trip,
        and shows that there was nothing wrong at all with what you did – those merely were energies.

        (It even makes it easier to forgive the driver who did run into you
        – the traffic rules become less significant than the universal planetary rules ).

        I hope this was not too esoteric for you.


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