My heart rate hit 100% of my max today

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Have you ever done something to the max of your abilities?

What happens if you hit your known max? Do you quit or do you try to push forward?

The limits that you set upon yourself are limits that are capable of being broken.

We can do more than others might say we are able to do. Why? It’s our own determination and perseverance. That’s what matters. No one else’s’!

Sure some limits may be near impossible to break but how do we know if we don’t try?

We succeed if we try even if we don’t succeed. Yes I know that is a bit confusing. When we try to succeed, we are pushing ourselves to potentially go past our limits. And if we can’t go past then we still succeed because we at least tried.

I’m in a dilemma and it is quite annoying. I can’t get people to listen to me and if they submitted me right the first time, then maybe I wouldn’t be in this position.

But for now I am stuck competing against others who aren’t as damaged as I am and even a few that do not belong on the trike. I will continue to push my limits. In fact one time I hit 105% of my max heart rate.

I will make it to the Paralympics one day as one of my dreams.

Are you pushing your limits?

5 thoughts on “My heart rate hit 100% of my max today

  1. Sweetie, I believe in you… you can do this…


  2. I am sure you will make it my friend. And when you will – I will root for you

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