Where do I go from here?

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This is a question that a majority of us have from time to time.

But how do we answer it?

Is it better to be truthful to our abilities or confide in the thoughts of what others Think that we are only capable of?

The only way to get better is to push ourselves and to push our limits.

We may even surprise ourselves.

For a while now after being used at Greenlee, I only said $10 hourly because that is what I assumed that others would pay for.

Heck I used a cane and I sound different.

When I went to this last interview, the owner said that I am worth more and she wanted to pay me more. I honestly was thinking this was going to be great. Well it didn’t, long story short she hired 2 full time people and me part time. I received very little training, and was let go. Heck I have a Master’s, which means I can do anything. Right?

I think it threw her off  by telling her which report to run to prove my innonence.  My Master’s is in Forensic Accounting, What can you say?

Totally unrelated but she miscounted the number of hours I did work. I counted 21.5 but whatever.

So I am now stuck in a rut. I am sick of being used for ones problem. I am sick of being blamed for something that I can PROVE that I didn’t do. I am sick of not being heard, watch out I might start speaking Spanish!

Where do I go from here?

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