Heightened senses

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Have you ever felt that the sense of something is high?

The sense that you are right and you know it?

Or maybe one sense is stronger than the others because one may be compromised?

When one sense is compromised the other senses in turn are enforced. They become stronger.

So in truth you may actually be right with something and might be able to develop a new talent.

Can this talent help you? Well quite possibly. It can help prove you are right but underlying factors may be holding the end conclusion.

The 5 senses are touch, hear, sight, smell, and feel. I only have about 25% hearing in my right year and I have double vision. Because of those My hearing is heightened in my left year quite often.

But the 5 senses include something bigger. Besides the fact that I can read lips I have the ability to know when someone is lying almost by the tone in their voice, the way they act or move, and the way something is written.

It’s my 6th sense and it can get me in trouble but I guess I have to call that a gift?

What is your 6th sense and how has it helped you?

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