Pie Slices

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See the source imageMMM Pie! Yummy.

In order to make a pie, you need a few things: Salt, Vanilla, Flour, Sugar, Butter, Eggs, and Baking Powder.

If you are without any of these ingredients, well then you can’t make a pie that’s edible and in the shape you desire.

Just like you need several ingredients to make a pie, you need several “ingredients” to make you who you are.

You have your interests

You have your favorites

You have your ethnicity

You have your friends and family

All of these are pieces of your pie which makes you who you are.

If you loose something, you either need to replace it or omit it.

Replacing it will give you a new pie that may be different.

Omitting it may result in no pie at all.

Have you replaced a missing piece of your pie?

How do you like it?

How do you hate…

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