The carpet moved on me today

No really it did, my balance is perfect.

I hope you know I’m saying that sarcastically.

I have learned how to fall, really!

I try my hardest to avoid getting hurt but if something happens, such as the carpet moving on me I try hard to make sure I don’t hit my head.

Unfortunately sometimes though, I hurt something else.


Do you find yourself blaming inanimate objects? Is it really their fault or should you  be more careful?

What if being careful can’t happen 100% of the time because life happens; shit happens?

After skinning my knee I made the decision to volunteer at work. I sat down for the first half or so trying to reconcile someone’s books. I stood for the last half of it, trying to learn new things at work. Yes I can finally say work again. Thank you Julie!

Is injury avoidable?

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