Food for thought?

Not everything is easy for everyone. Some tasks take longer than others for others.

Maybe you are analytical or maybe you are synthetical.

Maybe you are better at math. Maybe you are better at English?

Can you be both? Well you can certainly try but there is no absolute guarantee to this.

Does having a higher degree instantly mean that you can jump into something and understand what the heck you are doing?

Again this really depends on you.

If you fail the first time will you try to get it the next time?

Is failure an option in your books?

Time and time again I bring up the word impossible means I’m possible.

In essence, that only relates to the human being and your mindset.

The other tidbit I live by is the Warrior Ethos.


This was drilled into our heads at both basic and AIT (Advanced individual training).

I am a type of person that just won’t give up. I can say it but that definitely doesn’t mean that I will follow through. I love making miracles happen with what I have been given.

Are you a quitter or a fighter?


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