The customer is always right.

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As part of business etiquette this is quite often the case of what is about to happen.

Yet how sure can you be that is actually correct what the customer is saying is correct? Is there a way to verify it?

Or do you just assume that what they say is right?

With life usually what you say you can do is what you can do.

Sure what others may think you can do might make a limit as to what they will let you do. This is a constant battle and sometimes you may want to just give in because you just are tired of listening to them.

But what if you brought it up in the first place? Are you asking for their opinion and you are thus obligated to hear it?

But where does the fine line between what they say and what you think actually look like?

I am constantly hearing from others what I shouldn’t do and what should I do. Part of it is my fault by bringing up the topic. The other part is knowledge of what is known. Yet part may be jealously. Or part may even correlate to stress.

Sure there may be limits on what you think you can do but more often than not, maybe you are correct and you know what needs to happen.

The customer is always right or are they not? It may be hard to define the line between truth and reality.

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