364 days later

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I started paid employment again. I have been volunteering but it’s nice to be able to help out with the set of skills I have and get paid for it.

There are times and many people that you may run into with that simply don’t believe of your capabilities.

All they see is your injury and not what you are able to do. It’s often frustrating and quite often puts you down.

So how can you handle it? Well you can let it slide but what will happen the next time that it happens?

People with disabilities can offer so much to the workforce and it really is a shame that others simply don’t believe in them. Yes there are challenges but who doesn’t have challenges? The difference here is that most of them find different ways to accomplish something, in ways that may often be scary for “normal” people.

While we are on that topic, what exactly are normal people? Is there a norm in society with the ever shifting immigration?

For me I am not the typical person with a brain injury. I fought hard to get back to school to earn my degrees. I fought hard to get my job at Greenlee. After facing a very rough last few months there, I faced almost a good year of trying to find my next “home” through mounds of discrimination.

And just like the last cover letter I sent in 2014 to Greenlee, the last cover letter that I sent to Julie at Calvary Bookkeeping was the one that got me the job. Now it’s time to prove myself and all that I am capable of. It’s time to cast a light on the disabled population!

The word Impossible means I’m possible!

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