The gift?

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Earlier today I had asked what was in the gift.

All that is insides is what makes you who you are.

Your talents.

Your culture.

How you were raised.

What you learned.

There is no greater gift than being able to act yourself and be yourself.

We all have limits and challenges but that is what makes you who you are.

By stepping out of the box, it is how we can grow by testing our limits.

Each of our boxes are unique and although we can suggest a remedy for a problem it may not work for you us.

I was stuck in the box for a long time. I only did things that were considered safe for someone with a brain injury.

I am not the typical version of someone with a brain injury but I slowly pushed the limits of my box to get to where I am today.

My box is not broken but slowly growing.

Being out of paid work for nearly a year I found ways to keep myself in a professional capability. After facing a ton of discrimination from employers during the hiring process, I pushed the limits of my box.

It just took one cover letter and my resume to grow the limits of my box. I start Thursday, 12/27.

My box will continue to grow.

What is in your gift?

4 thoughts on “The gift?

  1. Nice message! Good luck on your new start tomorrow!

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