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To many people holidays are not voyages of discovery, but a ritual of reassurance.

Philip Andrew Adams


Everything will be okay!

Life may sick at times but during the holidays when you gather with family and friends, you are reassured.

There are people who care for you they may just not know how to act.

Or maybe they over act because they just don’t know. Maybe they have never been in that situation.

My advice to you is to just laugh at this. Have fun with it and press on.

Remember everything will be ok.

I don’t have much memory as to what happened and the few pictures that I have. I go by what I was told. I do remember sitting one day and thinking about just giving up trying because it seemed like very few people had faith in me (Thank you Mom, Ray, and Dr. Applebaum among those (I can’t recall names)).

But when I went home I had a different change of heart. I felt like I needed to do something so I started getting better with what I could do. I was still going to therapy so I needed to work around that but it was still possible.

I still have challenges that I face everyday but I am reassured by knowing everything will be ok.

It might take a while but everything will be ok.

You’ve got this!

Are you reassured during the holidays that everything will be ok?

1 thought on “Reassurance

  1. Absolutely. There will be new beginning my friend

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