Why surprised?

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Everyone has the power to achieve something.

All it takes is a lot of power and determination on your part.

Yes people will pull you down and stop you. But can you really stop them?

For all you know, they may not know better. Maybe they are relying on what the textbook says.

Maybe they just don’t know because they have never experienced it before.

I get the surprised look quite often. Most people rely on textbooks because that it what they know to do.

They see brain injury and immediately think this is no good. Who can judge them on that?

But they forgot about the sheer determination and will power which plays an effect of both the individual and the care taker.

Yes I have had a brain injury and was nearly dead or not capable of making a recovery according to what was taught.

But I also was disciplined from my youth and from the military.

After I became aware of who I was, I can tell you that I didn’t enjoy it. I hated it! I worked my butt off to go back to school, learn how to take care of myself, learn how to manage my finances, and relearn to drive.

All the above was by no means easy but achievable with determination. So why are people surprised?

This question still lingers with me and one day maybe I can understand the why.

But until then I will just leave others surprised.

Are you surprised by other peoples actions?

3 thoughts on “Why surprised?

  1. You have grit and ferocity — 2 very specials traits! Keep going! 🙌🏻

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