The gift!

s382571156686191883_p763_i19_w935Love the giver more than the gift.

Brigham Young


We all love getting gifts.

We get them for celebrations.

We get them as a means of encouragement.

We get them as a means of acknowledgment.

Or you we may get them just because.

It feels awesome to get a gift but the giver of the gift deserves some love as well.

Without the giver of the gift, there would be no gifts given.

Can you imagine a world without gifts? Nothing would get done and we would all probably have the same disposition or mood.

Is this a way to live?

A gift that I have received the greatest is the gift of life. I am not sure who was the giver of that gift was, whether it be God, my biological father, or my Kia Rio. But receiving that gift has allowed me to gift others.

Not all of my gifts though are physical, sometimes the gift is just letting someone know that there is hope to get through their trouble.

That is the greatest gift of all.

How are you spreading your ‘gifts’?


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