I hit a weekly goal of 75 miles on the gym bike this week, 77.2 miles total with 26 miles today!

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Ok you have finished all the squares but now what?

Do you yell bingo?

Or do you keep on going?

Think of a BINGO card as activities and goals in your daily life.

You finished all of the spots and you just kind of stop.

But should you?

Every time that you hit a bump in the road there will be new spots to fill.

Unlike a bingo card that has a set space limit, activities and goals in our life do not.

As we achieve certain goals and activities, new ones are created. We must continue to fill them.

While we are breathing in life, we never reach a full board. There will always be a spot left unfilled.

Are you happy with your life board right now? Or does it need some work? We can’t guarantee tomorrow so we need to try hard to fill our board today.

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