Witty wholesome whales

Welcome to the late night version.

Please hold your applause.

Tomorrow “X” will be upon us. This should be interesting.

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Adjective. Entertaining in a silly way.


Verb.To float gracefully and gently through the air. Or to move something gracefully and gently through the air.

Noun. Something carried along by the air.


Adjective. 1: Giving warmth. 2: friendly and kind. 3: passionate or lively. 4: of a fairly hot temperature. Verb. To 1: make something or someone warm. 2: to become interested about something. 3: to make someone happy.


Noun. An experienced and brave fighter.


Adjective: possessing great wealth either in property, money or possessions.


Adjective. Imaginative and fanciful. 2: amusing in endearing way.


Adjective. 1: something beneficial to health 2: something beneficial morally. 3: sensible, honest based on common sense.


Noun. Self-discipline and determination to achieve.


Noun. 1: Someone or something that gains victory at something. 2: something or someone successful.


Adjective. 1: having good judgement or sense. 2: knowledgeable about a lot of things. 3: having learned much from experience.


Adjective. Outstanding and magnificent. 2: very pleasing.


Noun. A hard-working diligent person.


Adjective. Internationally well-known.


Adjective. Deserving of something.



What would you add?

7 thoughts on “Witty wholesome whales

  1. You have said what comes to W…on a lighter note how about – Waterproof!

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    1. Thanks for adding that. My brain is fried tonight.

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