Pesky Pink Panthers

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very energetic and/or excited and/or difficult to control sense which accompanies a behavior.


some goals are only achieved with the passage of a relatively long duration.


nonlethal moral human interaction in the pursuit of a goal.


100% complete standards or goals that humans should measure their actual achievement against.


extreme persistence in trying to achieve a goal and continuing with the attempt to achieve a goal beyond the point where most humans would stop.  


trying to achieve a goal and continuing with the attempt beyond the point where the majority of people would stop.


future events which may or may not exist.  Choosing between the possibilities is too difficult a task for many and they prefer to be guided by their impulses and other human’s opinions and beliefs.


The goal of power over humans and over nature is an attempt to control humans and the environment to increase predictability in our struggle for survival.


goals in life often require a lot of preparation before they can be achieved with a large gathering of knowledge and skills. 


The sum total of human and environmental stress or forces upon someone at a given point in time or for duration.


frequently develops when you have achieved a goal and feel that this success will probably continue in the future also.


goal where economic success is also frequently joined with relationship success.


usually achieves a promised goal on time.

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