Snow day!

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Rockford, IL made  the news and it wasn’t for crime this time! We had over 11 inches of snow come down in the blizzard yesterday.

Pretty much everything is closed today and the roads are still affected by blowing snow.

Miraculously though, my circle was plowed so I could get out if I wanted to. but how safe is that?

Think of this dilemma and how it may apply to other situations that you may face.

Even though it may be a good idea but how safe is it actually?

No I am not saying that you need to say no to everything that may have a negative impact but choose wisely.

Life is what you make of it, sure but how can you live a life worth living if you are constantly making bad decisions?

6 thoughts on “Snow day!

  1. Midwest really got battered. Stay warm

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    1. At least 3 records were broken. I was stuck home for 30 hours or so 😦

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      1. Oh my. Hope it is all back to normal

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          1. Haha. I am in NJ. I feel for you.

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