Interpretation help please

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Dreams are something that we experience at some point. 

I’ve experienced a few where my Dad showed up in them and I felt that he was letting me know that I am okay.

However a few nights ago I had another dream and I can’t seem to understand it.


Can anyone interpret dreams? Mine usually are not this vivid, My sister heather was over and we heard a thud. She went outside and I headed towards the kitchen. Behind the open pantry door was a guy, middle aged, blond spikey hair, and bright blue eyes. He asked if my phone was charged. Somehow I got him on the ground and CARRIED him towards the back door past my cell phone to find my sister.

First off I never leave the Pantry door open.

Second the guy also had no weapons.

Third It’s a good 25 feet that I carried him.


What does this mean?



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