When facing difficult decisions or you just need some guidance, you may experience some random signs whether it be from a loved one that has past or even something else.

Often these times do not make any sense until you go back and think about them. And even then they may still leave you wondering.

In these signs items typically do not mix well but are they supposed to? They may be based on the likes and interests of the person or thing that is sending you the sign.

It may be difficult to comprehend this at first but confusion is often necessary in order to realize the impact overall of the sign.

It allows you to think about it in a different way.

It brings you comfort.

My dad growing up was a jokester when he was around his best friend. They were always up to something that was for good fun. I remember a time for Halloween my dad would sit out on the porch looking like a decoration and scare the trick or treaters. It was good fun.

Sadly he passed away when I was only 14. He has appeared numerous times in my dreams, the truck companies he used to work for would show up on the road in front of me, and occasionally a song would be heard on the radio or tv that reminded me of him.

My step dad and my mom love each other and they raised me after the accident. Great times!

Do you experience signs?

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