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Something profitable or advantageous.



A strategy created in advance to fulfil a goal.



To make something or bring it into in existence.


1: something that is not counterfeit. 2: something that is real. 3: honest or sincere.


Choosing and achieving good goals throughout a lifetime is a measure of a successful life.


It is the goal or responsibility of everyone to judge what is good, then to practice what is good and to promote good people.   What is morally good everywhere in the world is true goodness and can be summarized in a moral code which applies to the world of humans.


Adjective. 1: outstanding. 2: powerful. 3: very good. 4: good at something. 5: an outstanding example of something.

Noun. Someone influential.

Adverb. Doing very well.


Verb. 1: To Counsel someone. 2: To give someone advice or counsel. 3: Show someone which way to go.

Noun.1: Somebody who gives advice or counsel.


Noun. Courage, grit.


There are plenty more motivational words. Can you think of any?

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