A positive word


I’m going to go through the letters of the alphabet and show a few motivational words, can you think of any other ones?


Achievement means that goals will be made and many of those goals will be gotten.


An action is frequently a simple movement done to achieve a goal(s).  Actions are a sign that activity and/or change exists and is necessary if any goal is to be achieved.


Failing to reach a goal with a first attempt may mean that you will have to adapt or change your method to reach that goal.


Adventure is frequently a risky activity whose primary goal is excitement and not profit.


Ambition is the setting of goals with an intense desire and they are usually goals with a relatively great level of importance in society.


An optimistic attitude is frequently preferable to a pessimistic attitude when attempts are made to achieve a goal(s).  Optimism can be contagious in motivating others to also try to achieve a goal(s) and pessimism can frequently be a demotivating factor for others.

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