Order to Chaos

Chaos again?

Inspirational Leader

There is always something going on.

We have to be here.

We have to be there.

This has to be paid this day.

This has to be paid between these days.

These people think this is the best way.

But these people think that this is the right and best way.

How do you pick and choose?

We all know what works best for each us. We also know what seems overwhelming can be made into simplicity.

I became the church treasurer last night. 3 hours later and we FINALLY wrapped up. There were numerous bills to be paid each month and at varying times.

I am smart but often others think differently because I can devise a simpler way by thinking differently and by the way that I speak.

But the information I got was chaos. Now it is time for me to bring order to it.

How areā€¦

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