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Some things are just overloaded. There may be too much all at once.

But really how do you choose?

I know you want it all but all may not be a great thing.

Too much of a good thing can turn into a bad thing.

But what if the good was because you’ve earned it?

Would you indulge that day and pay for it in whatever way the next?

Would you be happy if the good was split into two, meaning that you could indulge twice?

I just saw the list of Veteran Day freebies. 92 restaurants in all!

Not all of them are by me but if I really wanted to drive a little, I could get to them all/

And they are split over two days! Does that mean that I have to behave and stick to 3 meals a day? Or can I ask for to go and just have leftovers for months to come?


What would you do if faced with such a temptation?

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