The Kitchen Floor and Refrigerator beat me up last night


Everything is going fine but than you get an injury.

Do you like to blame on inanimate objects?

How does that go for you?

Can these objects be the blame for your problem?

Or can there be another reason?

Or it may be as simple as because it is just easier?

Do we really know the answer to this?

Late last night I finally decided to get up and throw the container from the carrot cake away and put my fork away.

My living room is carpeted but my kitchen floor is laminated. There is an opening of about 2.5 to 3 feet going into my kitchen with the fridge on one side and open space on the other.

Before I knew it, my feet were slipping. I tossed the fork and container and tried to grab the fridge; it didn’t work.

Instead my left wrist with my watch on it tried to catch my fall. Didn’t work.

Seconds later I hit the floor. The buzzing I normally hear in my right ear got 3 times as loud.

Now I have a bump on my head, bruised right knee, and a severely sprained left wrist.

And all because the kitchen floor and refrigerator beat me up!

Do you like to blame thins on inanimate objects rather than the reality of things?

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