Through the ears and eyes of a 3 year old

3 years old don’t know better.

They haven’t had much exposure to the outside world/

They don’t know that someone has a problem because they realize that everyone is different.

They don’t judge others because of how they may act or sound.

They accept others for who they are.

They see the world differently than most of the rest of us and it is often a great thing.

Especially me and the discrimination I face quite often. From others hanging up the phone on me to being called sweetie to having someone assume that I can’t do something.

Oh trust me I have heard it all and seen it all!

I spent part of the night with my parents and my sister and uncle. My 3 year old nephew was also there.

He can’t sit still but he read a book to me. When I said something wrong he corrected me. It seemed that he could understand me.

When I asked how many trucks, he counted to 5.

When I asked what kind of truck that was, he told me crane.

When I asked him how to say a word, he told me ‘goodnight’.

You don’t know how awesome that feels!

Are you seeing the world through the eyes and ears of a 3 year old?

3 thoughts on “Through the ears and eyes of a 3 year old

  1. It is always great to converse to a little one. A beautiful read

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