A few days packed!

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I’m taking a different route today but I hope that you will find some inspiration from it!

A few weeks ago I said yes to going to an employment boot camp. I didn’t know what to expect but there was no turning back now.

I am surprised at how much I opened up. I’m usually the one in the corner but the first morning I emailed the struggle I was having and he helped me a lot!

Over and over I kept hearing that I have a great resume. Grammar wise though, I must like to randomly capitalize words. I didn’t catch the first revision and when I came back the next day my crisp resume was now covered in black ink. I have to laugh at it.

Part of this was doing an elevator speech. The first day I wasn’t called up. Thank God because I hated talking in front of crowds. For some reason I volunteered to read me. Part of it was forgotten but I am SO GLAD that I tackled that!


The third day was mock interviews. I was strategically set to meet with certain people and I was graciously allowed an extra set of ears to help with understanding. I surprisingly delighted myself and gave some great answers. All 3 interviewers seemed to be smiling from ear to ear! Is this the break that I have been longing for?

One of the assignments was a test called Business Chemistry. I turned out to be primary guardian overall but primary integrator within the business sector. This really makes me wonder if this was the start of the problem when I had to help train Steve at my last job.





3 thoughts on “A few days packed!

  1. I wish you the best my friend. Hope you will hear from the three interviewers

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