Shut up and move it! I have to pee!

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We all have thought that at some point but maybe we have never said it out loud before.

Patience; it is something that we learn at a young age and maybe we don’t remember it later on it life.

We go to do something but than something interrupts up. Minutes or even hours go by and we still have yet to finish what we set out to finish. And sometimes we may never get to it because we simply forgot about it.

Maybe we got distracted because that person needed to blab away.

Maybe our time and talents were better used at something else.

We all need to understand the concept of patience. At some point in our lives we will get annoyed.

So how do we deal with it?

Take a step back of course and just go with the flow. There is a reason for something; we may just not know it.

I’ll be honest I really do not know the reason why. Getting everywhere today took twice as long. It is a day when it is really chilly out. Perhaps everyone forgot to turn their furnace up and sought warmth in the vehicle because of old age or some other reason. Maybe they are just low income and can’t afford heat or much of it in their house.

Through all these reasons, there lies an underlying reason of patience! Patience to get somewhere. Patience to deal with all the people on the road. Patience to deal with your own thoughts.

Do you have patience? Have you tried using patience in the things that irk you the most?

6 thoughts on “Shut up and move it! I have to pee!

  1. Patience Very hard to find in today’s world. I have it to a point though

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  2. Definitely a work in progress when it comes to patience!

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    1. Agree completely! Will the world ever understand patience completely?

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      1. Not whilst we worship at the feet of the cult of busy!

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