Help me to get to 1,000 views today.


Sometimes the greatest gift is never bought. Rather it might be earned.

Biologically I am 32 today but I am also 11. Recovery in an age like this is never easy! Especially being a grown up in a child’s body.


My goal today is to get at least 1,000 views. I am just north of 900. Did you know that reading my posts in an email don’t count? Open up the post today and check out the other posts.

Sharing is caring! So please share away!

Can you help me with this please?


10 thoughts on “Help me to get to 1,000 views today.

  1. You’ll get 1000 views, because your blog is so awesome and inspiring. Blessings for you 😊

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  2. Hey sorry saw this late. Hope this still counts. Wish you many happy returns of the day. I wish you nothing but the best in life. Stay blessed

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    1. No worries at all. I made it :). Thanks for your kind words sir!

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      1. I am glad you did yay 😊

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  3. I am on your side. If I am late, I am still happy to help.

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  4. Reblogged this on Inspirational Leader and commented:

    Not another birthday I promise! Only about 840 views but I am up for the challenge, are you?


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