Be different! I dare you.



Humans are not carbon copies of each other.

Some are male. Some are female. Some are transgender.

Some are straight. Some are bi-sexual. Some are lesbians.

We are a mix of cultures because of immigration.

Some are disabled. Some are not disabled.


Have you ever notice that there is a picture of folks depending on the circumstance. Slowly we are beginning to recognize that we are all different.

However I have notice that people with disabilities are seen rarely out of their homes. They feel that they are not wanted. They feel that they are useless. They feel that they have no place in this world.

True this world was not made for individuals with disabilities BUT advances in medicine and medical procedures is making more possible that was once impossible.

There also is greater knowledge and acceptance of those with disabilities.

I see myself as helping to pave the way. I walk with a walker or a cane. I am not always understood. I go through times of madness, sorrowness, happiness, etc.

But I am out there doing. And doing what I  can to help out.

If that means standing and greeting people for 5 and a half hours I will do it.

If it means walking a mile or more just to get back to the start, I will.

If it means going the distance for something then I will.

If it means riding a trike to being able to compete then I will.


If it means bitching about something that is wrong then I will.

If it means sticking out and being different I will.

How are you accepting those that may be different than you?

I can, I will!


9 thoughts on “Be different! I dare you.

  1. A brilliant write. Be different leave you unique signature behind

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  2. You are inspiring for sure, Mandy!

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  3. How inspiring! Loved this!❤


  4. Beautiful thoughts. I agree with all your words.

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