Wait. What did you say?

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There are a wide variety of languages spoken today and it is not uncommon to overhear someone talking in Italian while sitting in your local Starbucks in USA.

No two people have the same voice as a result. Accents are learned in one country but a move out west may make you seem like an outsider.

It is important to listen to what they say. You may need to ask again to understand.

Just with hearing different words, different words could also have different meanings.

Pants mean outerwear in the USA but underwear in the UK.

A biscuit in the USA is not the same as a biscuit in the UK which is a cookie.

Football in the USA means soccer in the UK.

These are just a few examples and I’m sure there are several more.

I was re-learning how to speak and re-learning how to eat like an adult should. Because of that I was very careful to make sure that I articulated each word correctly.

Just one problem.

At the time my “o” sounded like “u”.

My “r” sounded like “c”.

At dinner one night I asked “May I have a fork”? Well it wasn’t heard that way and what people heard was “May I have a f*c*”?

Happy Thursday all! Keep your ears open and ask if you don’t understand!

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2 thoughts on “Wait. What did you say?

  1. This gave me a giggle – loads of friends from all over the world, and not all of us have English as our first language. I have wished that I started a book on the misheard comments, the incorrectly repeated sayings or words, the words that mean one thing in one place and another thing somewhere else, or the sayings that just don’t translate! 🙂

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    1. That would have been an awesome read! Thanks for stopping by.

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