1 Wheelchair and 1.5 bikes do not mix, or do they?

Where do I belong?

Inspirational Leader

I was just released from R.I.C. after a nearly 4 month stay. Chicago is about 2 hours west of Rockford and at parts on the way home there were people riding bikes. I kept this image in the back of my mind as we continued home. A few months passed from being home, day rehab was slowly becoming boring, I had given hope on returning back to McDonalds as a Shift Supervisor, and I lost my battle with staying in the military. I really had nothing going for me.

My mom asked me what I wanted to do. College was on my mind but that presented its own challenges and its own blog post. That image of bikes came forward and came out.

Now I was still in a wheelchair so I wasn’t sure how this would work. The Park District had a lose the training wheels program that I…

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