It’s best to not rely on technology

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Sure technology can be a great thing; you can socialize with others, look up news, find out the weather, and communicate with others.

You might also have a GPS device and it can provide you directions to wherever you want to go.

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However technology is not always accurate.

Things break.

New viruses are formed.

New threats are made daily.

And don’t forget about the updates needed! Especially with GPS new roads can be added, roads can be closed, and sometimes accidents will occur making you need to “re-route” yourself.

Many of you know that I walk with a cane (if you didn’t know, then now you do) I was invited to a cultural community in Madison, WI.

Madison is 90 minutes from home so naturally I turned on the GPS. I got to Madison and parked because my GPS was telling me the building was right there. I paid for parking. Then I headed to the building that my GPS said.

Turns out the building was 3 blocks away. For many this may have been an easy walk.

However I had already paid for parking so I just walked the three blocks keeping note of how long it took.

Going to leave I got turned around and walked with D.P. a few blocks and continued on only to realize that my car was the other way. It was already 9:45 and I only paid until 10. I was freaking out.

I finally turned my GPS on and it showed the fastest route to take. I was 6 blocks or so away still. I got to my car at 10:01 finally.

The moral of this story is technology can be good but it can also be bad. Not a great idea to rely on it solely!


1 thought on “It’s best to not rely on technology

  1. Reblogged this on Inspirational Leader and commented:

    I’m still not a fan of technology. It is constantly changing. Do we ever know the correct path?


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