When the going gets tough, the tough get going

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“When the situation becomes difficult, the strong will become engaged.”

“Those who act tough and proud will vacate a situation when it becomes difficult lest they be proven not as tough as they appear to be.”

These are just a couple of interpretations to this proverb. I’m sure there are more.

Have you ever faced a time when it really just felt that no matter what you do you can’t get out of it?

Maybe these times are just testing us but who really knows?

When we encounter a tough situation we need to get through it and often with the help of others. They may not have all the answers, heck does anyone have all the answers?, but they can support us in some way whether it be a virtual concern, a physical hug, or whatever it may be.

Not all tough times require the same things to get through it.

Yes some are harder but does that mean that we need to give up on it?

Today marks the 17th anniversary of the terrorism acts and it started the global war on terrorism. I’m sure anyone in support or operation of this war has encountered a tough situation or two.

Or maybe as a student you have a final in the one subject that you are the worst at.

Or maybe as an adult you try to succeed in life but are instead hit by one hurdle after another or trolls who prey on what you write especially on the internet that make you feel worse off.

Whatever it may be, don’t let it overcome you and ask for help.

It’s really frustrating for me knowing what I went through at my last employer to try to move on. I have faced a number of hurdles and I am about to run out of energy.

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Employers really are not supposed to discriminate on EEO but they do. Wouldn’t it be lying if you told a lie on this form?

It’s also very frustrating when you believe that you ace an interview and the companies recruiter plays the excuse and reason  game, ie on hold because of “surprise” retirement or meeting with them tomorrow. I bet if I ask tomorrow or the next day the meeting was postponed.

Sometimes I really do wonder about everything and anything.  Maybe it’s just me but shouldn’t there be a sense of urgency for certain tasks?

When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

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