Downsizing as a necessity

When my freezer died Wednesday I went from



To this:



At first I was not too happy because I love my frozen items for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

But going without frozen food has not been that hard plus it is a lot healthier with gobs of preservatives added to it. It was more of a comfort and ease to be able to just grab something and pop it in the microwave.

It got me to thinking.

What if we downsized all of our stuff? How would that make us feel?

I went from a tiny one bedroom accessible apartment over 3 years ago to a 2 bedroom and 2 bath condo WITH a basement. Often my place looks bare because there is not a lot there. But I have what I need so why would I want more?

I have a friend whose family sold all their unwanted stuff, only keeping minimal items, rented their house and are on a year long vacation. Oh how that would be awesome but I doubt I could physically do it.

Downsizing completely may not be for everyone but have you taken a step back and looked at all the stuff you have? How would it make you feel if you got rid of 95% of your stuff?

My new fridge/freezer comes Tuesday. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Downsizing as a necessity

  1. I think the line between need and wants are getting blurred because of greed

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    1. Great thought! That’s very true as well. Thanks for stopping by sir.

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      1. My pleasure. Always enjoy reading your work

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