Three, Two, One, The Waiting Game Begins!

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We wait for pretty much everything in life.

If we are sick then we wait for the medicine to kick in.

If we have an appointment then we wait until we see the specialist.

If we are cooking food then we need to wait for it to finish so we can eat it.

If we need a ride then we wait for a ride.

If we need help with something then we have to wait for others to help us.

If we apply for a job then we wait until we hear back and when we do then we may have to wait again.

There is waiting in every aspect of our life. I am at the end of the Millennial Generation. Millennials grew up thinking instant. We have the internet to instantly get some information on something. If we are hungry then there are fast food restaurants all around us. If we are traveling then some of us have this thing that allows us to bypass the tolls by having our toll instantly from our device.

The reasons why I am not with my former employee are very blurry. Positive review documents were changed in a negative manner. Spreadsheets were marked with incorrect data. People were told not to contact me before I left. Being a former MP surely does have its perks! I have a hidden talent of being able to uncover “evidence”

Anyways I have been looking for work since Dec. Being disabled only hinders my chances. I am writing this post as I am listening to a Podcast from Next Level People – Recruiter Greg, Hervbird, and Chantel. I have had a few interviews since then but they have only been phone interviews. I finally got an in person interview on Thursday and I got an email saying they had to wait a week to make a decision.

The Waiting Game

We all encounter it. How do you handle waiting?

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5 thoughts on “Three, Two, One, The Waiting Game Begins!

  1. Well penned post..n best of luck with your job..don’t worry you will get it soon🤗👍🏻

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