Always be prepared!

Not everything will work out for everyone else the same way.

Have you ever tried to cut with a spoon? How about with a fork? And yet others use a knife like normal.


Maybe one job search works for you but another way works best for your friend.

Or maybe cycling in regular shoes can work for most. Not me though!

It’s always best to be prepared!

I went out cycling today at the Tour De North End where we rode around to 8 businesses on Main Street to collect stamps for prizes. I kept my regular shoes on because I figured that I would have to walk inside.

Bad idea!

I also forgot about the cane.

It’s a good thing that I have bungee cords with me! I tied my cane to the trike.

I didn’t get far with the regular shoes. Main Street is all torn up. My feet came off the pedals and I hit the ground. Ouch!

The group I was with let me stop at the car to put the other shoes on.

They worked much better!

sky lights night new year s eve
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It’s always good to be prepared! Aer you always prepared? What stands in your way?

7 thoughts on “Always be prepared!

  1. I always try to be prepared, but sometimes still get caught by the unexpected.

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  2. Preparation is necessary to finish the work on time conveniently. Sometimes I am not well prepared for blog writing.

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  3. Hope it didn’t hurt too bad

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    1. Thanks. I’m used to pain so no problems.

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