A snail was moving faster and better than me today.


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Have you ever felt that the world was moving today but you felt like you were still?

Or maybe you didn’t want to take one step today but you had too?

Whatever the reason may be, please do realize that it may not always be completely you. Our bodies and minds are like mazes leading to find a needle in a haystack.

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Some things just seem impossible one day but they are easier the next day. The cycle continues over and over.

Of all days today really had to feel this way. I didn’t feel like I was moving to get stuff done but I obviously accomplished it. First on the agenda was a job interview and I spent over an hour there. Next I was heading to my mom’s work to meet and go to lunch. We decided to drive the block and I am really glad that we did.

I really wanted to go the gym and go get groceries. Instead I headed home because it felt like my legs were going nowhere. I am pretty sure that a snail may have beaten me in a race today.

I finally decided to give it another try but I was only able to last the 30 minutes at the grocery store and now I am back home and sitting.

The snail was definitely winning today but I couldn’t completely take blame for it. I think the neurons in my brain are fighting over space in my brain today and the fibers in my legs want to join in the fun.

Have you been beaten by a snail lately? Did you find your needle in the haystack?

1 thought on “A snail was moving faster and better than me today.

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    No gym today but I am definitely feeling it today!


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